Simulated Game Shooting

Simulated game shooting is the ideal way to experience the thrill of traditional game shooting substituting game birds for clay pigeons. Whether it’s just for fun or to ‘get your eye in’ pre-season you are guaranteed a great day’s shooting. Whether you are a complete novice or experienced shot, corporate group or stag party, we look forward to welcoming you for an exhilarating day of simulated game shooting at its very best.

A range of varying drives are set within the spectacular 11,000 acre grounds of Forrest Estate to simulate traditional elements of a real shoot day. Clay pigeon traps are hidden from sight and fire clays in a random pattern of speed, height and direction to replicate the experience of driven pheasants, partridges, grouse and other game. Are you up for the challenge?

Simulated drives include:
1. The Olsen Pheasant Drive – Poachers Alley
2. The Mac Flurry – Rough Shooting
3. Burnhead – Driven Partridge
4. The Cabbage Patch – Driven Grouse
5. Waulkers Lynn – Woodland Pheasant
6. The Strip – Flighting Pigeon
7. Mount Rushmore – Extreme Pheasant
8. The Barrier – Forrest Pheasants
9. New for 2019
10. New for 2019


For novices to shooting we provide everything required from gun hire to instructors. We have a unique educational shooting facility situated in breathtaking scenery and provide fully qualified professional instruction by APSI shooting instructors. (Association of Professional Shooting Instructors).
See: Introduction to Simulated game Shooting

At Forrest Estate we do not release game birds for shooting making our simulated game days available throughout the year.