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Forrest Estate

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Forrest Estate is situated in the heart of Dumfries and Galloway and offers a range of varying drives set within 11,000 acres of spectacular wooded hill ground with natural topography to simulate traditional elements of a real shoot day.

All days are tailored to requirements and targets presented to suit the individual groups abilities.


Option 1:
£225 per
Gun inc. Elevenses.
Option 2:
£250 per gun inc. Elevenses & Late Lunch.

Cartridges can be provided at an additional cost.
Strictly fibre Wads only.

5 drives / up to 5000 Clays.
Up to 10 guns standing 5 / loading 5 then rotate.

Sample Itinerary:

9.15am: Your day begins with a 'Meet and Greet' in our cosy Shoot Cabin, accompanied with tea / coffee and bacon rolls. Guests will receive a safety briefing, an explanation of the days events and be supplied with safety equipment and cartridges as required. 

9.45am: guests will depart to the first three drive drives of the day.

12.30pm: Elevenses & refreshments.

1pm: Back to the field for a further two drives, 

including our famous Grouse drive to test the best!

3pm: Return to our shoot cabin for a fabulous grilled 'Ribeye' steak followed by a selection of Scottish cheese and biscuits along with refreshments.

During the day all traps are hidden from sight and fire clay pigeons in a random patterns, speed, height and directions to replicate driven pheasants, partridges, grouse and other game birds. The natural topography of the estate lends itself ideally to provide the next best thing to a live game shoot.

Our Simulated drives include:
1. The Olsen Pheasant Drive – Poachers Alley!
2. The Mac Flurry – Rough Shooting
3. Burnhead – Driven Partridge
4. The Cabbage Patch – Driven Grouse
5. Waulkers Lynn – Woodland Pheasant
6. The Strip – Flighting Pigeon
7. Mount Rushmore – Extreme Pheasant
8. The Barrier – Forrest Pheasants

Additional Services
APSI Instructor - £125
Loader - £100
Gun Hire - £50
Non Shooting guests welcome

We can also offer:

Various itineraries to suit
Back to Back days over two venues
A selection of hospitality options
Accommodation packages
Itineraries for Non Shooters inc. 5 star Spa
personalised clothing
Additional activities


For the less experienced to shooting we can provide everything required from gun hire to fully qualified professional instructors; with a unique educational shooting facility situated in breath-taking scenery.
Introduction to Simulated game Shooting

Our simulated game days available throughout the year.

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